Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year's Day 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

My friend Meg has, for the last few years, encouraged her weaving friends to photograph their looms on New Year's Day to give a snapshot of who's weaving what around the world.  So here is my contribution.

Most visible because it is in my lounge is my inherited 4 shaft jack loom.  I have a warp of cream cotton on for table napkins and am using just a touch of gold rayon to make them special.  I had thought I might weave one napkin a day but for some reason that hasn't worked.

Also in my lounge, tucked down between the chairs and the bookshelves, is my 8 shaft table loom. I frequently ask myself why I had to buy the 'biggest, brightest and best' when what I really needed was a SMALL sample loom.  I live and learn.

Completing the collection is my 8 shaft custom built countermarch - in a state which I don't like to see. It's empty!

On the bench is the fabric I cut off yesterday, still to be washed and pressed. It is to be part of a jacket - if it works!  I'll post a photo later if it does.  In the foreground is part of a warp I was ready to rush into yesterday but some common-sense elf (or something) sitting on my shoulder whispered in my ear that I really should sample the yarn I was going to use with it for a warp as it is completely unknown and untried. I'm not even quite sure what it is but I'm calling it linen. I did a couple of samples and am still undecided. I want this to be a fabric length to enter into Creative Fibre 2013 National Exhibition so I want to get it right.

SO, will I finally get to put on a white linen warp for table runners/mats that has been waiting patiently?  It's all set to start but I'm procrastinating . . .decisions . . . decisions.

In the meantime I've been tatting and used the non-weaving time to negotiate my way around a corner so I am pleased with myself on that front. It may not look much but believe me a corner is a big deal!

All this dithering reminds me of A.A. Milne's 'old sailor my grandfather knew who had so many things that he wanted to do . . .'  I seem to have inadvertently taken him as a role model - not the most auspicious start to the year!

I'm not sure how/if this blog is going to continue . . . no promises and no new year resolutions.


  1. Hi Rose, I've really enjoyed seeing your lovely work. Hope you do keep this going even if just once or twice a month. It's like sitting down to supper with a buddy!
    It's not a New Year resolution but I did buy a box of linen thread last year so hope to try it.

  2. Tatting - how impressive! I'm so impressed with your plan to enter a national competition...I'm way to timid for something like that!

    As an aside, my preference is to comment with Name/URL - you might want to add that to your comment options.

  3. Love the piece seen in the top pic - typical Rose. Have a great year.

  4. Thanks for your comments friends. Hello to Peg, nice to 'meet' you. If I can work out how to do the Name/URL thing that you suggest I will add it but I have to say that while I am an experienced weaver I'm a total novice in the blog department.

    Dianne, what sort of linen do you buy in a box? I thought linen supplies in NZ had about dried up.

    1. That was bit obtuse. I bought the box of linen thread from Ann Hay when she was having a clear out. Its 16/2 which I think would be lovely for table linen when I find a suitable threading. No linen supplies in NZ - that's a bummer!