Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

For some years now friend Meg has encouraged her weaving colleagues to post an update of 'what's on the loom(s)' on the first day of the year.  For the first time I have a blog of my own to do this. It's just a pity I'm not in a better space to show my work.  I have two looms and they have both ground to a halt waiting for me to make decisions or find different weft yarns.  On my countermarch loom I have been weaving a table runner for a family commission.

Colours were intended to be predominantly red, grey and black with small amounts of other colours taken from an art work on the wall behind the table. What transpired was nothing like my original intention and just proves that I am a weaver, NOT a designer.  I cut off this piece, washed and pressed it, then went back to the loom and dropped off warp ends, changed others and re-sleyed.  I don't know that I am any happier with the result, but will find a different yarn for the weft as this piece has slub linen/cotton both ways.  But I think it needs to be back to the drawing board completely.
On my jack loom I have a similar story, but not quite so messy.  It is warped up with white cotton for napkins which I hoped to team up with a blue tablecloth.  I wove six in plain weave with a small lace motif in one corner and then ran out of yarn.  I cut off the six and have them washed and pressed and ready to hem next time I go to visit family and need to take  hand work to do.  I would photograph them if I could find them! (Yes, I do seem to be having a senior moment.)  The warp is now tied up and ready to go again but I'm not happy with the two alternative wefts I've tried. I think I need to re-sley it as it seems a bit too close. 
I hate all this indecision; it is not characteristic of me and I hope  it is not an omen for the year to come.

My table loom is in hibernation mode, wrapped in a blanket in my garage where it will stay until our weaving group decides they would like another workshop. Who knows what that will be about.

I'm looking forward to seeing what other people are doing and hoping for inspiration.


  1. The idea of weaving a table center for a table with a painting behind it sounds fascinating, Rose. Good for whomever asked you for a piece. I know about indecisions - goodness I have warps on looms for several years before I can decide sometimes. And no, this is not an omen; just a considered start. I'm also glad to find you are not up some mountain with Esther & co. Have a great 2014!

  2. Happy new year and it will all turn out right, I'm sure of it.

  3. Thanks for your comments Meg and Marion. Things are looking brighter already. The first piece is growing on me now that it is hemmed and pressed into submission and has stopped shouting at me. For the second I used a thicker black weft and wove it in plain weave which allows the slub in the warp to be seen to advantage. I am hemstitching the ends and I think it will be OK, if not for the original purpose then for something else.